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Private Pilot License

The first step in aviation training is to obtain your Private Pilot License, this is the foundation to all your future flying. This license will allow flying under visual flight conditions with your friends and family as passengers.

Obtaining PPL is a pre-requisite for all student training to earn a commercial pilot license.

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Night Rating

After obtaining the Private Pilot License, the next step is to obtain your Night Rating. The Night Rating allows the pilot to fly in suitable visual weather conditions and at night.

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Instrument Rating

With an Instrument rating a pilot will have the ability to control the aircraft attitude and performance, by sole reference to instruments and radio aids.
You may obtain your Instrument Rating as PPL or CPL holder.

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Commercial Pilot License

If you wish to pursue a career as a commercial pilot, this is the course for you.

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Air Transport Pilots License

If you want to go all the way and become an Airline Captain this is the license that you will have to acquire. This is also the highest qualification you can get as a Pilot.

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Instructors Rating

Obtaining an Instructors Rating is money well invested. The most natural place for a Commercial Pilot to build hours towards an ATPL is by becoming a Flight Instructor.

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Multi-Engine Rating

A Multi-Engine rating qualifies you to fly an aircraft with more than one engine.
Most employment opportunities require experience on Multi Engine Aircraft; the Commercial Pilot License preparation can overlap with an Initial Multi Engine Rating Preparation.

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