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Commercial Pilot License

Course Duration

Incorporated with the hour building, instrument rating. This phase can last 24 weeks (6 months)


At least 18 years of age before you can obtain your Commercial Pilot Licence
Valid Private Pilot License
Valid Night Rating
Total of 200 hours of flight time (CPL)
Class 1 Medical Certificate
Meet the English Language Proficiency standards

Theoretical Training

The following subjects need to be passed with a pass mark of at least 75%:

Instruments and Electronics
Air Law
Flight Planning and Performance
Human Performance and Limitations
Aircraft Technical and General
General Radio Telephony Certificate

Practical Training

Minimum 100 hours pilot in command
Minimum 10 hours pilot in command by night
Minimum 50 hours cross country (CPL with IF)
Minimum 20 hours cross country (CPL only)
Minimum 40 hours instrument flying (20 hours can be on a simulator)
Pass a practical skills flight test with a Designated Flight Examiner