Don’t Let COVID-19 Turn You Upside Down


Mach 1 Aviation Academy is OPEN and accepting applications. We have implemented sanitization procedures and social distancing, in line with health and safety regulations.

About The Academy

Mach 1 Aviation Academy provides a comprehensive Pilot Training Academy with CAA accredited Pilot’s courses.

We offer a variety of courses, including the Private Pilots Licence (PPL), Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL), Multi-Engine Piston (MEP), Instrument Rating (IR) and the Airline Transports Pilot Licence (ATPL).

Both your ground school and flight requirements, from PPL through to ATPL phase, are covered in one place.

Stay with us and experience the camaraderie and fellowship of learning to fly with other aspirant pilots, in an exciting, warm and personal environment.

Some choose to continue their career path and stay with us to become fully fledged Instructors.

We’ve been where you are

The fact that you’re reading this is reason number one itself. Over the years, we’ve have established a humble but firm reputation, upheld a high standard of teaching and have enjoyed instilling hope in the forever dreamy young generation of Pilots. We are delighted and proud when they achieve their aspirations!

Our Family

Did anyone ever say to you that you cannot fly? Or, flying is not meant for you? Or, you feel that you’ve been treated as a lesser person because of your origin?

Listen, Mach 1 Aviation Academy is the place for you. Mach 1 is a family and we take pride in that legacy. One of the only environments you will never feel lesser; a place where each and every one belongs. A Flight Academy where the Instructors are teachers, friends, role models and family. A home away from home. The journey to achieving your dream starts with us.


Over 300 Pilots Graduated


Over 26000 Hours Flown


30 + Years Of Instructor Experience


98% Pass Rate

Our Vision

Mach 1 aims to be the best Aviation training organization in Southern Africa by:

  • Providing good quality and the highest standard of flight training
  • Ensuring that we provide a safe and effective learning environment for our students
  • All whilst adhering to safe practice and promoting compliance with South African Civil Aviation Regulations. (Approval No. ATO 0372 – SACAA/1139/ATO)


Through these steps we are striving to be a trustworthy, home-brewed local brand on the international forefront of the aviation industry.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide a risk-free and effective training environment as well as to ensure that graduates are prepared with the knowledge, flight hours and experience that lead directly to high-demand pilot careers in aviation domestically and internationally.


We aim to produce qualified, intelligent and productive pilots with high flying standards and a high professional level of knowledge and skills. We also provide an informal learning environment and encourage continual development and growth in various areas of the flight school.

What’s your next course?

You can progress your flying career with us – we provide training in all the courses you need to move your career forward from PPL to ATPL phase.